studentsLEADERSHIP IS ABOUT PEOPLE. Technological advances will perpetually change the tools we use to lead, but the art of leadership is ageless and boundless. At Mississippi State University, we understand that human connections can take place in FACE TO FACE meetings or in virtual environments in which participants are separated by continental and cultural divides. Regardless of the venue, motivating others to accomplish the extraordinary is the essence of leading, and leadership transcends technological, geographical, and cultural bounds.

To lead successfully in a global environment, our students' skills must bridge technological, continental, and cultural divides. The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is an action-oriented leadership development program that will allow international students and the MSU community to...


International Festival The GLP mission is to prepare students from around the globe to be more effective in their personal, academic, professional, and global endeavors. Applying the universal elements of leadership-strategy, vision, mission, communication, and accountability-in a multicultural environment will place new demands on the next generation of leaders. GLP will provide the foundation for those leaders to be successful in a global environment.

In GLP, students will forge leadership skills, develop character awareness, and understand the importance of cross-culture adaptability when leading others. Students will be given the opportunity to apply their developing leadership skills by engaging in community service learning projects facilitated by their specially trained university mentor.